SDSN Youth Mediterranean- Black Sea Speaking Club #1: how can sustainable cities support mental health?

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On November 23rd, 2023, SDSN Youth Mediterranean and SDSN Youth Black Sea jointly organized a virtual Speaking Club event as part of the Global Youth Climate Week, coordinated by the Global  Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC). This initiative served as a dynamic platform, bringing together students, young innovators, and researchers from the Mediterranean region and the Black Sea area. The goal was to discuss different perspectives on the crucial interplay between mental health and sustainable cities. 

The event aimed to foster discussion and promote collaboration on sustainability challenges specific to each participants’ origin. Indeed, the speaking club was open to a diverse audience who was interested in sharing their knowledge and personal experiences on sustainability in their own cities. The focus extended beyond the traditional environmental considerations to encompass societal  and psychological factors, examining the relationship between sustainable cities and mental health. The event was intended to catalyze ongoing dialogue and cooperative efforts towards a more sustainable future. The event gathered approximately 50 participants, not exclusively from Mediterranean and Black Sea countries, but also from other countries around the world. 

“We are the leaders of today, not the leaders of the future.”

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