AIGU – “Next Generation You” Manifesto

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Proposals for sustainable development by young people for young people

The Italian Youth Association for UNESCO (AIGU), which promotes the Organization’s values and objectives to local communities in Italy, has recently published its Next Generation You Manifesto. The document represents the final version of the proposals elaborated following the Italian Youth Forum (IYF), held in streaming mode from Parma on 27 March 2021. 

This final version consolidated the hard work of the organization’s members in proposing actions and policies on a series of important topics. The proposals are designed by young people for young people with the hope of promoting youth engagement at multiple levels when imagining a better future. 

The Manifesto is made up of four thematic areas: Feeding the future, Schools for everyone, My city, New Deal of culture. For each area, AIGU created a working and technical table between its members and external experts on the subjects with the goal of drawing up a checklist of proposals.

The Next Generation You Manifesto addresses a variety of problematic aspects of the macro-thematic areas, starting from compulsory food education, teachings on global citizenship, digital maturity, “cultural therapy” activities for personal well-being, statistical indicators to measure cultural life, reconnection of the urban tissue and small towns to improve access to services and contribute to improve the quality of life. 

These are just some of the ideas elaborated within the document and presented to the Italian Government on several occasions for their inclusion in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

Find out more and download the Manifesto here.