The MOOC “Sustainable Food Systems: a Mediterranean perspective” included in the educational offer of the European Commission Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Program

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The MOOC Sustainable Food Systems: a Mediterranean Perspective, an online course on sustainable food systems launched last year by the SDSN Mediterranean Network of the University of Siena, was selected by the European Commission to be part of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange program.

In the same way as the more famous “Erasmus”, this program aims to facilitate intercultural exchanges between students and young people by providing moments of online sharing of educational experiences for those who have followed the MOOCs.

Students, following voluntary registration on the Sharing Perspective Foundation web platform, will be able to meet other students in a virtual way, participating in online meetings through tablets, computers or smartphones, sharing their experiences by following the courses on the web.

This is an innovative training course which, in addition to making the students aware of the topics of the courses that have been followed by each of them, will develop the ability to interact with people from different countries, languages ​​and cultures.

Periodically the program will launch calls for young people (18-30 years) who have followed or wish to take MOOCs online courses and who will thus have the opportunity to participate in activities of experiences and skills virtual exchange (web-meetings). To participate, it is sufficient to submit the expression of interest by filling out the online form at this link:

By taking the MOOC developed by the University of Siena one not only learns the importance of food systems’ sustainability but also has the opportunity to live a real experience of intercultural exchange.

The skills acquired using the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange program will be certified thanks to the innovative Open Badge system, the new frontier of certification that allows young people to show their certified skills directly from their social profiles.


➡ Information are available about Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange and MOOC Sustainable Food Systems here:

➡ Mooc is avaible here: